Makeup of the Day!

Hello my sweetie pies!
I hope you all are well! I know I know.. I am a lame OH for posting on a late Friday night. I know what y’all are thinking.. She has no life hahaha and yup I don’t :) but I wanted to share with you guys my makeup of yesterday! There are days where I just LOVE experimenting with different things like eye shadows. So yesterday I just went in with my shadow insurance primer by Too Faced and started playing with different colors from the Amrezy palette I have not tried for example the emerald and deep plum. I also used my Mac lipstick Pet Me, Please by the limited edition aquatic collection. I wanted to do something that was a transition into fall look. I did this by keeping the lips light but the eye shadow dark! Check out my pictures below! And what do you all think of the Amrezy Palette? YAY or NAY

Have a great night!




Back to School Hair & Makeup!

Hey dolls! 

I do not know how many of you have started school or will be starting school soon but I thought it would be a great idea to create something with all my drugstores favorites. I know that many people just do not have the money to be spending on high end products so no worries I completely understand the struggle! I have you all covered trust me. :) Head over to my youtube channel to see what I have created! :) This look is for anyone! From my middle school girls to my college girls! My main focus was to create something that was very natural and cute at the same time because the last thing you want is to be looking like you are going to the Oscars.. That is a complete no no for school! :) 

I hope you all enjoy and have a great day! 




Beautycon LA 2014

Hey dolls!

So last weekend I was in the beautiful Los Angeles for the very FIRST time and let me tell you I fell in LOVE! I’ve always wanted to go/ LOVED California and now I can officially confirm I will move there one day. The main reason I went was for Beautycon LA 2014. I thought weeks in advance what I wanted to wear! I had bought two dresses on Forever 21 a few months ago and one of them was just perfect for this event because it wasn’t too fancy but it was cute and super comfortable for a long day of all things beauty. I paired my off white dress with some Nordstrom BP shoes that were red and gold. As for jewelry I kept it very simple and wore some cute hoops from for love and some favorite bracelets! For my hair I decided to do something different because I usually always keep it natural or up especially when it’s hot so I decided to take a risk and straighten it because I hadn’t done that in such a long time and I felt like it wouldn’t get TOO bad since I was going to be inside most of the day. And for the most important part which was the makeup I just went for something natural on the eyes using my holy grail Maybelline Quad Copper Chic and L’oreal Amber Rush. The two things I wanted to pop on my face was my lips and lashes so I popped on Ardell Glamour Demi’s in Black and Kat Von D LOLITA lip stain! As for keeping my face oil free I just used blotting sheets that have been my GO TO product ” Oil Control Blotting Tissues” with Aloe scent you can find these at Ulta! My favorite part of beautycon was just being around ALLL THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE who are just as OBSESSED WITH makeup as I am! I will post a haul videoof all the things I got at Beautycon and LA shopping so be on the lookout! Hope you enjoyed this post!










Transition into Fall Makeup Look!

Hey dolls!
I know it has been a while since I did a blog post! I went on a mini vacation and I’ve been filming and a bunch of other stuff so yes I have been crazy busy! I wanted to share with you guys this video I just put up on YouTube of a fall look using the Amrezy Palette so please go check it out!! I hope you guys enjoy and I will be back later with a new video!!



Makeup looks!

HELLLO Strangers!

I am so sorry that I have not been posting lately! I have been super busy working on a bunch of things and I just didn’t want to force myself to write blog posts until I knew I had the time and energy to really sit down and make a good post! Today I want to just talk about the types of looks I’ve been going for! Usually I like to stick to a specific look but lately I’ve been going out of my comfort zone and trying new things. Before I wasn’t a huge fan of fake lashes especially after my eye lash extensions because they looked so rough! But I can tell you now that false lashes are great! Just buying them from the store and popping them in after you finish your eye shadow and taking them off at the end of the day. This stuff is so much easier than putting up with false lashes that you have to take care of every day!! Another thing I’m addicted to is my Amrezy Palette which is by a makeup artist and Anastasia Beverly Hills. This palette has amazing shadows that will be totally wearable this fall! Because it’s summer I stuck with the lighter colors as shown in my first picture and I quickly just paired it with the Ardell lashes (black demis) and my favorite summer lipstick Whipped Caviar. In the second picture I used my holy grail L’oreal eyeshadow amber rush with the darkest color in the Maybelline Copper Chic Palette! For lashes I also used Ardell (Wispies). The Ardell Lashes are super inexpensive and they can be found anywhere for cheap prices! And to top off the look I used L’oreal’s Liya’s Nude which I reviewed the collection in my recent YouTube video NEW VIDEO Hope you all have a great day!




Music of the week!

Hello dolls!

This post is going to be me praising some good ass music in my opinion! I’ve shared these songs with my loved ones the past days and I really just can’t get over them! The first artist I want to talk about is Telana. She is a new up and coming artist, I know for a fact once she gets more noticed she is going to be the next hit.. She recently released a three song EP and those three songs are AMAZING.. Her voice is so beautiful and unique.. She is the type of artist you listen to while you have some candles lit or even on rainy days or at 1 am when you are just thinking about life.. Her voice reminds me of Jhene Aiko so if you like Jhene check this girl out… She is very soulful.. And you can tell she is really feeling what she is singing you can find her EP on YouTube or SoundCloud. Her songs are Smoke Love, Gemini, and F11. The next artist I want to talk about is Nicki Minaj.. She is really doing her thing.. This woman can RAP! I think it’s great to have a GOOD female rapper especially in this time because there are so many male rappers and us females need at least one woman rapper that we can relate to and vibe with.. I am super excited for her new album. The good thing is that lately she has being releasing a bunch of good music!! My favorite one right now is the Flawless remix with Beyoncé… I literally just ran listening to that.. It is soooooo GOOD.. So go take a listen for yourself on these artists!




My little rant…

Hello my lovely people,

This post is going to be a little different than the typical post I like to do about beauty and what not… I just want to give a little bit of motivation and inspiration to anyone out there who might be feeling confused and lost with where they are in life. I am constantly trying to figure this exact thing out because there are times where I feel like I am just doing things to make others happy especially the ones I love but there comes a time where you really just have to look at yourself in a mirror and say is this what I really want to do..? or am I just doing what I am told to do? I constantly feel like the people in this society make others feel like they are obligated to do something in a certain way but does it always work like that? and the answer is no. You know why? well because everyone has different ways of doing things. For example, some people need to do what the others do so they can be kept in check while others can do things their own way in order to be successful. My best piece of advice is to always do what you want to do, I mean obviously you do not want to make a dumb decision because this is your life but you always want to make sure that you think a lot about what you are planning to do before you do it. Do not over think it because you’ll end up being stressed but go with your gut instinct and what you feel is necessary to do. Just because everyone else is doing something does not mean you have to do it. Take a step out of your comfort zone and do something that will help you reach your dreams and what you want and are meant to be doing.Now here is a different scenario.. if you are in a position of stand still go out and do things that can temporary keep you going and focused on the ultimate goal. MY MAIN POINT IS NEVER LET OTHERS STOP YOU FROM DOING SOMETHING THAT YOU WANT TO DO. If they care enough about you and your dreams they will support you if they don’t then so it be just keep pushing and prove them and everyone else wrong. If you listen to others you will start to believe them and become discouraged  don’t be that guy. Little rant over. LOL 

I hope this at least helped someone maybe half of someone….

Also, I really want to start an advice column so let me know if you guys want that or if you guys need advice! :) 

Good night