Makeup Looks! Plus tutorial!

Hey strangers!

It has been a minute since I last posted on my blog! I’ve been super busy with life that I wasn’t able to post as much as I like! My goal for December is to post once week! Help me accomplish that!!! I want to share with you guys some looks I created this month as well as my November favorites! Enjoy! And I hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving!
Also! Check out my beauty channel for tutorials! :)
November Favorites
Nars Audacious Lipstick in the color Anna
Becca Opal & Gold
Makeup Geek pigment insomnia
OPI Polish Dulce De Leche
Ardell Glamour Demi Lashes
Velour Doll Me Up Lashes
Kat Von D Lip stain LOLITA
Mac Lipstick Amorous

This Month’s Looks!





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Fall Outfit!

Hey dolls!
I am back again! This time it’s not with a makeup look but a fashion post! I know we are all so excited that the fall weather is here!! My favorite thing about fall is bringing out my flannel! Sooo I decided to not waste 40 or more dollars on flannel but instead to go thrifting to find the perfect one! The best thing about thrift stores is that they have TONS of great flannel for GREAT prices! I’m talking about like 6 dollars! Isn’t the amazeballs?!! YASS!!! So go there! But just make sure you wash that ishhhh because you don’t know who had it before! As for my leggings I bought them at forever 21 for 7 bucks! Great deals there always! My boots are from Tj Maxx! I feel like the Timb boots are so in style especially for women! They cost around $42.00! The purse was from http://www.daily! It was $50 but isn’t such a great deal considering it’s a dupe of the super super expensive Celine bag?!! Ahhhh gotta love great deals!

I just posted a makeup tutorial on YouTube featuring this outfit go check it out! Video!
I hope you guys enjoyed this post! More outfit posts will come your way!





Fall Makeup Look of the Day!

Hey dolls!

I wanted to post the makeup of today for you guys in case y’all were wondering what da girl was wearing on her face! I decided to go with something super fall since it was a pretty chilly day! I started by using the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation which is amazing and has a great dewy finish and my Gerard BB Highlight for my cheeks! I also wanted to match my lips with the color of my scarf! So I started off by priming my face and using the Amrezy palette because it is a pretty fall colored palette. I used the color glisten on my lid and deep plum on the outer part of my lid. I went in with Glisten in my tear duct to add a pop to the eye! I used my favorite Ardell lashes (Demi/Glamour) I contoured my cheeks with the Anastasia contour kit and topped off my look with the beautiful wet n wild lipstick I mentioned in my last post Cherry Bomb which is only $2.99!! Yes go out and buy it!
I hope you all enjoyed! Have a great day!




Makeup with a POP of green!

Hello my SEXY KATZz!!

I’m back with blog post 2 in one night! YASSS BISHHH I’m doing two tonight! This one is a run down of the makeup used to make this POP OF GREEN look! Lately I have just been experimenting with every color you can think of! For this look I wanted to be BOLD and center the look around the color Emerald by the Amrezy Palette!

I started off by apply my Too Faced Shadow insurance primer then I lined my top lid.

Then I went in with a brush and placed the color Emerald by the Amrezy Palette all over my eye and blended it out with the Sigma E40 brush to make sure it was BLENDED!

After I got both eyes done with that color I sprayed some fix plus by Mac on the brush and then went in with a shimmery color by Maybelline called Amber rush on the lids so that the Emerald color would be on my crease and above and the lid would be shimmery!

Once that was done I went in with a highlight to highlight my brow.

I applied one coat of my ultimate favorite mascara Falsies Volume Express by Maybelline( this mascara is the best and it’s CHEAP!) on my top and bottom. Once I was done with that I applied these DRAMATIC lashes by Ardell’s Edgy Line (402 Black).

And to top off this look I used the color Dragon by the Vice 3 Palette which is a beautiful shimmery green on my tear duct!

Lastly! I used the color Butter by Nyx Matte lipstick brand! It’s such a beautiful brown looking nude!

In case you guys are wondering I used Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation because it keeps me matte especially on my oily skin! I used a real techniques damp sponge to apply it!

Oh! In case you guys are wondering why I never apply bottom eyeliner it’s because it makes my eyes look smaller! I apply it once awhile and as for wings I like them but I am not the biggest fan of them on me! They look so fabulous on others! Wish I was you kitty kats! :)

Anyways! That is it for day!

Love you all!!



How to ROCK the HOTTEST Fall Lip without spending too much money!

Hello my loves!
Today I am going to be giving you some really good news! Especially for the people who do not want to spend too much money on a lipstick! Honestly guys I feel you I don’t always want to spend so much money on makeup and sometimes my wallet does not have those hunnits… It has those 5 dollar bills with some ones so I have to find things that fit my budget!! Yes, I am all about making good deals! The other day I went to CVS and I saw this HUGE Wet n Wild Section and just glanced and walked away… then I quickly returned because I saw the lipsticks were $2.99…. I was like WHAT THE FREAKSHOW????? I was like let me take some! I decided to pick the colors that spoke Fall to me. Guys!!! These lipsticks are some of the best lipsticks I have ever tried they are so creamy,pigmented and beautiful… They work better than some of the lipsticks I have that are worth 20 dollars… You cannot beat a good lipstick with a GOOD ASS price!

You can find these lipsticks at Ulta,CVS, and Walmart!

The three colors I picked and recommend for Fall are Bare it All, Cherry Bomb, and Mocha-licious.


The first one is Bare it All which is a beautiful pink nude color that will compliment anyone! I feel like a nude color is always appropriate in the fall especially for the people who do not want to wear a dark color and it always looks beautiful with a natural look!



The next color is Cherry Bomb which is a BOLD wine red lipstick. Basically the signature for the fall! I totally recommend this one to everyone it looks BEAUTIFUL this is probably my favorite wine red color I’ve ever tried!



The last color is also stunning! It reminds me of the infamous Kylie Jenner lips! It is very very similar to Jaclyn Hill’s 1995 which is 19 bucks way more than this Wet n Wild! I love her to death but I understand some of you will not want to spend that much on a lipstick!




I hope you guys enjoyed this post and perhaps go out and make this purchase because I PINKY PROMISE this is worth the drive to CVS!!!

Have a fab weekend dolls!