Hey dolls!
Today I have some very exciting news! I’m sure you can tell what the news is because of the title but yes, I am doing a giveaway! And I am so happy because you guys have just been giving me unbelievable support on here, my Instagram and my YouTube channel! I always love giving back especially when people are so supportive and encouraging in what I do! This giveaway is for all the people who constantly comment sweet things,read my blog posts,watch my videos and the list goes on! I recently hit 200 subscribers on YouTube and for me that is a blessing because I just started a couple of months ago and I really never thought anyone would watch my videos. So this giveaway is a special one and I really went a little cray cray for it! Tomorrow I will have a new YouTube video that will include this giveaway and a little preview of what I have so stay tuned for that!

So here are the requirements for the giveaway!

1) Repost the picture on your Instagram and tag me @themexicanbeauty telling me who the most supportive person in your life is and why! If you don’t have an Instagram just answer the question here in the comments!

2) Subscribe to my channel! Tell all your friends to subscribe! Lorenajay and follow my Instagram @themexicanbeauty

3) This giveaway will end August 3rd!

Goodluck my loves! And thank you so much for your support! I love you all!



I love me some Lush lip balmmmmm

Hey dolls!

How many of you constantly have chapped lips and all you do is lick them over and over again because you are too lazy to do something about it.. Well I have a solution! The other day I went to Lush to pick up some face masks and came out with a million more things.. Just like this post if that’s you.. Well one of the things that I picked up was the Lush Honey Trap Lip Balm.. Two words AHMAZING PRODUCT! Your lips literally stay moisturized.. The funny thing is that the guy who was checking me out not like that.. Said that that was the best lip balm and that I would be coming back for more and at first I thought yeah yeah that’s what they all say but then I used it right before bed and it stayed on all night.. I woke up and my lips were still moisturized… I hate breakfast and I could still feel softness then I knew that I would be coming back for more.. So I recommend this product 100% better than all that drugstore crap. They have 6 different balms all very great scents for $7.25 yes pricey but completely worth it! This is a MUST HAVE FOR FALL AND WINTER WHICH IS QUICKLY APPROACHING US.



Who doesn’t love good food?!

Hello my friends!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than the typical makeup or lovey shizz post. I want to talk about a love that we all have and that is food… Who doesn’t love food? It’s the one thing that will never betray you in your darkest times. I am a person who just loves going out to eat as much as possible and trying different things. I’ve never been one to be picky about what new foods I put it in my mouth because that’s the fun thing about food! Being open to try new things! I also just enjoy trying things from all over the world so that when I do visit these places I am prepared! The craziest things I’ve tried has to be cow tongue and frog legs! Both very yummy surprisingly! One of my most recent obsessions and love has been Indian food. My best friend recently introduced it to me probably about 4 months ago… At first I was like hmmmm I wonder what I’m getting myself into but I instantly fell in love! The rice is just so amazing! And the food is so healthy for you! It contains a lot of fiber which leads to great digestion in the later hours! Another thing I love is the service, every Indian restaurant I have been to has amazing service. The people working there are mainly Indian and just constantly check on you and make sure you are truly enjoying your experience. My favorites have to be Vegetable Korma and Chicken Korma and the Vegetable Samosas! And you cannot forget the naan which is a yummy flat bread that you eat with your dish.It is just so amazing.. Another thing I love is the sauces they give you! One thing people constantly think is that this food is all spicy but it really isn’t you can choose a dish that isn’t spicy. Lastly!!!! For drinks I recommend the Mango Lassi drink it is just soo filling and delicious you will be in heaven when you taste it! Take a look for yourself here! I totally recommend Indian food especially for a nice date night! ☺️




Food for the brain.. The LOVEY DOVEY brain..

Hello my little romantic bugs!

Today for my second post I want to talk about love.. Just kind of give my 50 cents to a dollar input.. I am a romantic.. like I cry over the lovey dovey things.. I see two people get married and I just start bawling. Yup, that is me.. I also hear romance music or watch romantic movies and I am just all over that stuff. I am writing this post not for me to rant about my obsession with all things romance but to address what love is in my eyes and what type of love is worth fighting for. Love in my opinion is a very big word and topic. You constantly hear people say I love you to one another whether it is to their parents, kids, uncles, aunts, grandmas etc but that is not the love I am talking about here. The love that I am talking about is that one that you feel for that one special person who basically sees every aspect of you whether it is your lovey dovey side to your sexual side. It is crazy to think that there is one person in the world who is just perfect for you.. Many people constantly dwell on past heart breaks but do not realize that their is a light at the end of that chapter.. The right person will be worth it in the end, they will show you what no one else has showed you. The true love cannot be pushed, you just have to let it happen.. I know that before I found love I would look for it in the wrong places and end up being more upset with myself than anything because it was like I was just pushing something that just wasn’t meant to happen. I mean yes you do have to make effort but never make more of an effort than the other person because they can start to take advantage of your good heart and you will not realize it… The one thing love will do to you is make you blind.. Love can be very dangerous because it messes with your head and heart and your heart just takes over all logic. What I can say is that if you have found the right person treat them right, respect their wishes, love them for who they are and grow with them. The one thing that has to happen in a partnership is growth because if you remain in the same place as last year you wont evolve, love is like life it is a constant evolution. Get out of a relationship that doesn’t evolve. Relationships  come with problems and obstacles but that is the beautiful part of it.. You and your significant other are like two players in a video game fighting together to make it to the next level. Without problems you would never appreciate the good. And, to be honest a relationship wouldn’t be fun without a little bit of problems to fix. Nobody is perfect and that is the what love is about ( viewing a non perfect individual and putting all their imperfections together  and viewing them as perfect) If you love fight.. If you fight fix and if you fix grow. Everything is worth fighting for if it is with the right person AND if they are willing to fight as hard as you. 





Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush Review….

Hello my good friends! 

I do not know if you notice but I have those dots after review for a reason and that is because I wasn’t really pleased with this product… I am a huge fan of Maybelline but I am not loving these new blushes that makeup brands are coming out with.. It might be because I am a woman of oily skin but I just feel like it does not look good  and I have to use my hands instead of my blush brush to apply this which ends up ruining the rest of my perfect makeup… When I first saw this product I was really excited but I mean what is there not to love about any type of makeup. When you walk into those drugstores and you see the makeup section you are in HEAVEN considering the great prices. I was intrigued to try this product out because of the great selection of colors they have. During my recent trip to Mexico I decided to take this blush without realizing that it wasn’t powder blush because I just wanted to take something small that I wouldn’t mind perhaps losing.( In all honesty I wish I lost it.. instead of my favorite lipstick) When I was getting ready and I applied this blush I completely forgot that it was a creamy blush and I dragged my blush through it which kind of ruined the blush… I tried putting it on my cheeks but it was just to creamy for my taste. I would recommend this for people with dry skin who are looking more for a glowing blush because of the creamy aspect of it. On the other hand people with oily skin like me I think it is a little too much and just really frustrated me haha… I prefer the old fashion powder blush! SoOoOo do I recommend this… nahhh! I would honestly give it a 5/10 






Good morning my dolls!

Today I decided that it was time to do a DIY and not just only one but TWO! The reason being that it just has been such a long time since my last DIY that I needed to double it! You all know how crazy I am about face masks and all that great stuff for your skin. Today I woke up and went straight to the kitchen and played around with what I had to make something good for the skin! For the face mask I decided to use delicious apples and honey because these both are truly amazing for your skin. You might ask yourself why? And the answers are because first of all apples have vitamin A which plays an important role for skin development. This allows the immature skin to develop into mature and functional skin tissue. Vitamin A also reduces the risk of skin cancer. Another benefit is that it has Vitamin C which helps you make collagen, a protein found in your skin. This protein helps maintain your skin’s waterproof barrier. If your collagen is low then you will have re-openings of old wounds and skin tearing. Cucumbers on the other hand help with A LOT of things for your skin like reducing dark circles and puffy eyes, fade freckles, and improve complexion. Lastly! Honey is one of the best things you can use on your skin because it is an antibacterial which is great for acne treatment and preventing it from happening. Honey is also filled with antioxidants to help slow down aging. It is also extremely moisturizing and soothing which really helps your skin glow once used. And, honey allows the pores to open up making them easy to unclog! So let’s get started now with the two recipes!

The first one is the Honey/Apple face mask

You will need:
1 apple
A knife
One teaspoon of honey
A little bowl to place your finished product in and a blender
A small water bottle

1) You will cut up your apple.20140711-103708-38228041.jpg

2) You can either mash the apple pieces or put them in the blender.


3) You will put one table spoon of honey in the blender with the apples.



4) Add a little bit of water so it blends and doesn’t just stick to the blender! DO NOT add too much or it will be soggy if you choose to mash it up you don’t have to worry about this!

5) If you did use water use a drainer to take out the water so all you have left is the mashed up apples mixed with honey.
Your final product should look like this.


You can apply the mask either at night or in the morning. Do not apply too much and apply it as if it were a lotion. Ps. It can get a little messy! Keep it on for 15 minutes and keep your self busy lay in bed and read a book or do what everyone else in this generation does and sit on your phone.

Cucumber Face Toner

You will need
A cucumber
A little container to hold the toner in
A blender

1) Cut half a cucumber and place it in the blender.Add water. And blend it doll!




2) Once you are done blending pour the “cucumber water” in a little bowl and add two teaspoons of honey and mix it! You want it to look like cucumber water not mashed like the face mask because it is a toner.


3) Once you have the final product place it in a little jar!

It should look like this!
You can use this in the mornings! All you need to do is grab a face sponge and pour some of this toner on the sponge and put it all throughout your face!


Hope you try this out!!! Let me know your thoughts below!! And let me know if you try it!